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06-Oct-2016 23:18

How Do I Restore the Homebrew Channel After I Accidentally Update My Wii?

From time to time someone emails me to say their child or a friend updated their Wii operating system, resulting in the loss of the Homebrew Channel. An accidental upgrade is most likely to happen if someone plays a game that includes an update check and you haven't disabled Wii's update checking.

I'm really not too worried about losing my mod, that can be easily fixed, but I would prefer not to damage my Wii.

Whenever I get to the system update page it says it "may detect and remove unauthorized content causing immediate or delayed inoperability of your console." Is it safe to do the update on my Wii?

Updates 4.2 and 4.3 were both specifically designed to kill homebrew.

Note: The spoofer may actually work on CFW Cobra Editions, but some Cobra features like PS2/PSP ISOs will not work while the spoofer is enabled due the hash of vsh is changed.

Attention a spoof allows connection to PSN, but does *NOT* protect against a ban!!

I can't access the Hulu Plus channel at all because I need the update.

I'm wondering if I can run the update without bricking my console.If you manage to get homebrew back, make sure to turn off update checks and disable Wii Connect24 in Wii Settings so this doesn't happen again.

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