Saudi arabia dating rules

17-Jul-2016 05:17

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To prevent anything of a nature passing between unmarried singles.Hard to fathom how people living in the country got married in the first place.The thought of courting (romantically) in Saudi Arabia is hard to believe, let alone casual dating. In a country with strict gender-segregation rules and ultra Islamic-conservative practices it’s hard to comprehend the idea of dating. So, for all you single expats venturing out to Saudi Arabia this may in fact be the place you find your soul mate (cheesy, I know).Considering dating publicly is strictly against the law here, keep it discrete and you may get away with it. Some have mastered the art of this pick up, whereby the interested person (most likely the male) will directly drop the number into her purse.Girls, if you’re looking to meet a guy it is very rare that a solo guy will grab your attention, it applies to men as well.

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In public places like restaurants and malls, women and men can only mix as husband and wife, or as family members.

It’s basically when you are more than friends with someone and seeing someone.

You may or may not have the intention to marry that particular person. Also the core reason is that having a relationship involving romance with a non-mahram is completely not allowed in Islam.

He winks at her and throws the piece of paper on the floor, hoping the girl collects it when no one is watching.

A quicker approach is the “drive-by method,” where the man shouts a compliment out his car window and then throw his digits onto the street before he peels away.Gender roles in Saudi society come from Sharia (Islamic law).

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