Dating sextreme

30-Jul-2016 04:43

Take your dating to the next level, here are six extreme dates to try in Auckland.

It's time to change up your dating scene with activities that are sure to make your heart pound harder than your very first kiss.

The Panmure location is the largest indoor climbing centre in New Zealand with more than 200 routes to climb for you to defy gravity (and impress your date). That means a giant swing, 120m-long flying fox and five-story high leap! Let’s be honest, so many things could go wrong (or right) with this one. ) to help you master the art of the bullseye, which means guaranteed bragging rights. Hit up Vector Wero Whitewater Park for an extreme aqua adventure.

This place is pretty much your one-way ticket to winning the ‘Date of the Year’ award. Try your hand at kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding (bailing is inevitable).

Each distinct day shares hands on experience, new research and best practice whilst the amazing worldwide gathering of eclectic medical minds gives you access to one of the worlds most energetic medical networks.

Astronaut Tim Peake recently back from the extreme highlights why he feels ‘extreme medicine’ is different and relevant.

Now in its sixth year, the World Extreme Medicine Conference* is a platform for inspiring medical minds to meet, share experiences and promote cross-disciplinary working.

We are dedicated to sharing and spreading best practice for the world’s medical professionals who are willing to risk themselves to help others.

This is because on Sunday he gets to wrestle Dean Ambrose, a lying, backstabbing, cheating thief who stole his Intercontinental Championship.

Tremble beneath the weight of inevitability, and all the casualties therein. Commentary hypes up the matches Kurt Angle made last week and then Miz makes his entrance, flanked by Maryse.