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Anders Lundquist hooked up with her in Stockholm, to discuss her career so far. I got my first guitar when I was nine and started teaching myself how to play.Anders Lundquist for Singing Bassist Although I’ve been a fan of her solo work since the mid 80’s, I make no attempt to hide the fact that the Bowie connection is part of the reason why it’s such a thrill for me to finally meet Gail Ann Dorsey in person. A lot of things have happened for me because of him, and that’s a good thing! Not many artists have the confidence and ease that he has. We could not afford lessons, so I learned by experience, playing with other kids in the neighborhood, starting little bands here and there.After assembling each mechanism, we maneuvered the guitars through rigorous stage-ready jolts, jumps and twists to assess the quality of each product.We lifted the guitars by their straps, shook them, yanked on them, and even tried a few strap-spins (we’re a little rusty).A variety of options allow our customers a choice of finish colors, pickups, bridges, hardware color, etc.Please consult the spec sheet for each model for a complete listing of available options.A shape and sound that are a little off the beaten path.

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Solo artist, and in-demand singing bassist, Gail Ann Dorsey has had some high profile gigs over the years.1995: New Dean facilities opened in Plant City, Florida. Series instruments feature Dean USA necks, Korean bodies, and assembly in the U. European Custom and European Premium Series are added; the European Custom Series takes over korina (V and Z) models from the U. Two new bass series emerged the Rhapsody and the Razor, and a new Jeff Berlin Signature Bass is available.2002: Dean celebrated their 25th Anniversary and celebrated with only one new electric model, the Stylist Phantom, and other models received new features.