Clamshell dynamically accommodating

06-Mar-2016 10:04

In this Fstoppers video, I will show you a common lighting setup every photographer should know and how you too can achieve this simple look with your clients.

The image below was literally one of maybe two images shot with the Nikon 85 1.8mm lens.

When a patient has edema, is insensate, has a wound or other condition that precludes the use of footwear, this is the design we use and recommend.

Laminated with carbon fiber this is the lightest weight neuropathic walker available.

They are also the most prescribed design for children with disabilities.

Each lens was tested both directly mounted to the camera as well as mounted with a 12mm extension tube between the camera and lens.

Yes, the best implementation for custom schema extensions that I remember seeing is in Bugzilla, the old Perl bug-tracking app. Your best bet is either to simply change the database schema, or to use LOB fields, such as XML or JSON.

You can add columns, and also add code in a separate directory to work with those columns.

I was testing the effects of lens compression on the human face and shooting a bunch of lenses with Kenko Extension Tubes.

The idea was that by decreasing the minimum focusing distance of some of my favorite lenses maybe I could find an interesting look that would warrant more exploration.

You could then calculate how big you wanted the text field to be. Suppose we have text as "Print this whole sentence in horizontal line".